Key Contacts

Dean's Office -- 910.962.7301 (Cameron Hall 100)
Dean Dr. Robert Burrus
Associate Dean - Undergraduate Programs Dr. David Glew
Associate Dean - Graduate Programs Dr. Thomas Porter
Budget Manager Jane Bailey
Office of Research Services and
Sponsored Programs Liaison
Marc Maus
Executive Assistant Donna Kurtz
Career Center -- 910.962.3174 (Fisher University Union)
Career Services Liaison Leslie Wright
Department Chairs
Accounting and Business Law Dr. David Mautz
Economics and Finance Dr. Nivine Richie [ richien AT uncw DOT edu ]
Information Systems and Operations Management Dr. Cem Canel [ canelc AT uncw DOT edu ]
Management Dr. Martha Andrews [ andrewsm AT uncw DOT edu ]
Marketing Dr. Tracy Meyer [ meyert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Internships -- 910.962.2466 (Cameron Hall 124B)
Director of Work Practice Teresa Walker[ walkert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Cameron Executive Network (CEN) Programs Office -- 910.962.7452 (Cameron Hall 131)
Program Administrator Sara Kesler [keslers AT uncw DOT edu ]
Graduate Degree Programs -- 910.962.3544 (CIS Building 1021)
Associate Dean - Graduate Programs Dr. Thomas Porter [ portert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Graduate Programs Coordinator Candace Wilhelm[ wilhelmc AT uncw DOT edu ]
MBA Director Dr. Thomas Porter [ portert AT uncw DOT edu ]
IMBA Director Dr. Clay Moffett[ moffettc AT uncw DOT edu ]
MSA Director Dr. Bill Kerler [ kerlerb AT uncw DOT edu ]
MS CSIS Director Dr. Clayton Ferner [ fernerc AT uncw DOT edu ]
International Business Programs -- 910.962.2544 (CIS Building 1021)
Director Dr. Thomas Porter [ portert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Small Business & Technology Development Center-- 910.962.3744
803A South College Road (not on UNCW campus)
Regional Director Fran Scarlett [ fscarlett AT sbtdc DOT org ]
Director Dr. Laura Lunsford [ lunsfordl AT uncw DOT edu ]
Senior Economist Dr. Adam Jones[ jonesat AT uncw DOT edu ]
Undergraduate Degree Programs -- 910.962.3899 (Cameron Hall 121)
Director of Student Services Kristine Hopkins [ hopkinsk AT uncw DOT edu ]
Associate Director & Advisor Amy Knebel [ knebela AT uncw DOT edu ]
Director Undergraduate Extension Programs & Advisor Crystal Hollenbaugh [ hollenbaughc AT uncw DOT edu ]
Web Development
CSB Web Developer & Digital Marketing Coordinator Alisha Browne [ browneac AT uncw DOT edu ]