Bachelor of Science Concentrations



CSB's degree in accountancy meets the requirements of the State of North Carolina. Majors pursue careers in public accounting, industry, governmental and not-for-profit entities and positions requiring managerial and analytical skills. Accountants provide a range of services: auditing, tax assistance, financial planning, and managerial and technical assistance in non-accounting situations.



The BS in Business Administration with a concentration in economics allows students to combine the insights of economics with a strong core of business skills. With a strong quantitative background and solid business foundation, our graduates can be found as small business owners, lawyers, financial analysts, bankers, international currency traders, government officials, executives, or venture capital specialists.


Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Students are prepared for new venture creation and careers with existing businesses with an entrepreneurial focus. Students are challenged to pursue development of their own business ideas and opportunities or seek careers with emerging ventures as a form of apprenticeship prior to starting their own venture.



The program consists of three separate but related areas: business finance, investments and financial institutions. It prepares students for careers in corporate financial management, investments and securities business and management of banking and non-banking financial institutions. It addresses issues such as the best way to finance firm assets and how to form successful stock portfolios.

General Business

General Business

This concentration is designed for Non-Traditional students. It allows students flexibility to select the courses they wish to take to obtain a concentration in General Business. In addition to the Business Core courses, students are required to complete six upper level three credit classes in Cameron School of Business Courses. Prior approval from the Associate Dean is required to enroll in the selected courses.

Human ResourcesGeneral Business

Human Resource Management

People are a company's greatest asset, and managers should take proactive steps to keep their workforce satisfied and motivated. The HR option equips students with the skills needed to maximize the efforts and productivity of human resources through recruitment and retention, organizational design, training and development, diversity, performance management and assessment.

Information Systems

Information Systems

IS graduates are in high demand in today's business world. Systems analysts, application and web development, software testing, end user support and systems consulting are a few of the jobs typically offered graduates. Students use technology to assist organi-
zations to be more productive. IS grads are problem solvers. The program stresses a high component of hands-on skills and internships.


International Business

Opportunities in firms entering, or expanding into the growing global economy abound for students focusing in International Business. Businesses engaged in activities such as manufacturing, importing/exporting and transportation, seek graduates of this program. Students may take advantage of UNCW's worldwide affiliation to study abroad.


Management and Leadership

To be effective organizational leaders, managers need the capability to plan and implement strategies for success. Students are prepared for the competitive behavior in business organizations. Emphasis is placed on ethical decision making, global perspective, interpersonal capabilities, environmental analysis, business forecasting, leadership skills, goal setting and governance.

marketing strategy

Marketing – Marketing Strategy

Marketing is concerned with the identification and assessment of consumer and commercial market needs and the data-driven development of products and programs to meet those needs. Marketing is a career-oriented major that requires analytical abilities, communication skills, and creativity. Career opportunities include: marketing research analyst, internet marketing, and services marketing.

Professional Selling

Marketing – Professional Selling

This specialized program excels by empowering students with the knowledge and real-world experience necessary for a career in sales. Students learn every stage of the sales process from prospecting to relationship development as well as the skill set required to manage and lead a sales effort. Graduates are prepared for success in the fascinating and lucrative field of sales.


Operations Management

Operations students will be analysts of business processes, design production systems, implement quality control systems, and possess the ability to communicate other managers and employees. Careers include: operations manager, production scheduler, quality control expert and inventory manager and as specialists in production, operations, and service organizations.

Bachelor of Arts Concentration



Economics students with wide and varied interests use the bachelor of arts degree to match their economic intuition with complementary courses from around the university. The BA focuses specifically on economics courses allowing students to pursue a second major outside the business school such as mathematics, a foreign language, film, etc. The opportunities are endless.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Interdisciplinary Major through the Department of Computer Science and the Information Systems Operations Management Department

Information Technology

Information Technology

The IT program develops students’ skills in the critical and practical understanding of information technology and prepares them for information technology-related work and/or further study at the graduate level. It provides a foundation for information technology professionals to have a perspective of the rapidly expanding and evolving science of technology and how it can support business activities.

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