CIS Lobby

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Computer Information Systems Building

Information technology is rapidly becoming a critical tool in fulfilling any university's mission. Education, scholarship, and service to the state and region all depend on information technology: that is, on computers and communications. The facility opened January 10, 2007 for the Spring  2007 semester.

CIS Exterior

UNCW's CIS Building is helping Southeastern North Carolina transition into the digital age.

Goals for this facility include:

Financial Trading Room Unique features of the CIS building include:

Naming Opportunities

The primary goal of the "naming rights" campaign is to provide for growth in UNCW's endowment levels, which rank far behind many of our peer institutions. The "naming rights" program essentially offers a unique gift opportunity for the donor through the creation of a named endowment and the honor of being recognized with a permanent named space in the new building.

Sample Named Space Options:

In-kind gifts of the following items will be appropriately recognized (based on their value) in the new building:

If you would like more information on Naming Rights for the new Computer Information Systems Building, please contact Dean Larry Clark, Cameron School of Business at (910) 962-7301 or email [ clarkl AT uncw DOT edu ].

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