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Karen Barnhill
Graduate Programs Coordinator

MSCSIS Director, Clayton Ferner

Clayton Ferner , Ph.D.
Director, MS CSIS Program


Uche Iheadindu Awarded Oustanding Student

Uche Iheadindu was awarded the honor of Outstanding MSCSIS Student by the faculty of the Computer Science and Information Systems & Operations Management departments. Congratulations Uche!

Forbes: The Best And Worst Master's Degrees For Jobs Right Now

In a recent article, Forbes set out to determine which master’s degrees would provide the best long-term opportunities, based on salary and employment outlook. According to their findings, information systems and computer science degrees made it into the top 5 best Master's Degrees for jobs right now, with information systems ranked #1 and computer science #4.

A unique master's degree merging
technology and business

The Information Systems & Operations Management department from the Cameron School of Business and the Computer Science department from the College of Arts and Sciences began the Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems in Fall 2005. 

The MSCSIS is an intensive graduate program aimed at preparing the student to take on leadership roles in the development and implementation of computer and information systems.  The curriculum requires 36 semester hours.  There are six required core courses providing a mix of theoretical underpinning, technical skills and information technology perspectives.  Students can choose elective courses to provide opportunity for additional study in a variety of areas.  The program culminates with a capstone experience that can be an integrative project or a thesis.

Experienced professionals and undergraduates from both disciplines will enable significant classroom sharing of real world and theoretical knowledge.

Professional Science Masters
The MSCSIS degree is part of the Professional Science Master's (PSM) Program, new graduate degrees designed to allow students to pursue advanced training in science or mathematics, while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers.

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