ECN 422


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Course Description:

Prerequisite: ECN 222 and QMM 280. An introduction to the formalization of economic hypotheses into testable relationships and the application of appropriate statistical techniques. Theoretical aspects are covered, but primary emphasis is on computer application utilizing regression analysis.

Schedule Spring 2014:
TH 3:30 -4:45 CI 1003

Quiz & Exam Stuff:

Final exam data

NFL data (excel file)

Car data (excel file)

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Lab & Quiz Handouts for ECN 422:

  • Lab #1 - excel basics. answers
  • Lab #2 - simple regression. 
  • Lab #3 - multiple regression and dummy variables.
  • Lab #4 - smoothing and time series prediction. To be reviewed in class on Tues 4/12/05.
  • Quiz #3 - smoothing and time series prediction.
  • Lab #5 - SAS basics
  • Lab #6 - more SAS (answers here)

Data Sets for ECN 422 Labs:

Research paper outline and tips

Example of a nearly perfect research paper

Some Data Sources:

 Some examples of past projects:

  • The impact of different variables on Presidential approval ratings

  • A time series analysis of violent crime in North Carolina

  •  Student and class characteristics that affect cheating

  • A comparison of the LPGA and PGA in terms of skill level and rates of return to performance

  • The effects of lifestyle factors on undergraduate academic performance

  • Factors contributing to the number of small organic farms in North Carolina counties

  • The effect of different university characteristics on freshman retention rates

  • Peer effects on GPA (student survey)

  • The effect of Wal-Mart on poverty rates in North Carolina

  • Forecasting the number of named tropical storms for 2005

  • Do left-handed batters perform better in MLB?

  • A time series analysis of factors influencing US GDP

  • Determinants of salary for NBA players

  • The death penalty and its effect on murder rates in the US

  • Global development and economic growth: a cross-country comparison

  • Factors influencing earnings on the professional bass fishing circuit

  • An analysis of factors that influence weight gain for US adults

  • Forecasting crime rates in the US

  • Forecasting movements in the stock market


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