Key Contacts

Dean's Office -- 910.962.7301 (Cameron Hall 100)

Dean Dr. Robert Burrus
Associate Dean - Undergraduate Programs Dr. David Glew
Associate Dean - Graduate Programs Dr. Thomas Porter
Budget Manager Jane Bailey
Office of Research Services and
Sponsored Programs Liaison
Marc Maus
Executive Assistant, Dean Burrus Donna Kurtz
Executive Assistant, Assoc. Dean Glew Annie Johnson
Executive Assistant, Assoc. Dean Porter Lolly Williams
Career Center -- 910.962.3174 (Fisher University Union)
Career Services Liaison Nadirah Pippen
Department Chairs
Accounting and Business Law Dr. David Mautz
Economics and Finance Dr. Nivine Richie [ richien AT uncw DOT edu ]
Business Analytics, Information Systems & Supply Chain Dr. Cem Canel [ canelc AT uncw DOT edu ]
Management Dr. Martha Andrews [ andrewsm AT uncw DOT edu ]
Marketing Dr. Lisa Scribner [ scribnerl AT uncw DOT edu ]
Internships -- 910.962.2466 (Cameron Hall 124B)
Director of Work Practice Teresa Walker[ walkert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Cameron Executive Network (CEN) Programs Office -- 910.962.7452 (Cameron Hall 131)
Program Administrator Sara Kesler [keslers AT uncw DOT edu ]
Graduate Degree Programs -- 910.962.3544 (CIS Building 1021)
Associate Dean - Graduate Programs Dr. Thomas Porter [ portert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Graduate Programs Coordinator Candace Wilhelm[ wilhelmc AT uncw DOT edu ]
PMBA Director Dr. Rebecca Guidice [ guidicer AT uncw DOT edu ]
Online MBA Director Dr. Thom Porter [ portert AT uncw DOT edu ]
IMBA Director Dr. Tammy Hunt [ huntt AT uncw DOT edu ]
MSA Director Dr. Lorraine Lee [ leel AT uncw DOT edu ]
MSBA Director Dr. Cem Canel [ canelc AT uncw DOT edu ]
MSF Director Dr. Bill Sackley [ sackleyw AT uncw DOT edu]
MS CSIS Director Dr. Clayton Ferner [ fernerc AT uncw DOT edu ]
International Business Programs -- 910.962.2544 (CIS Building 1021)
Director Dr. Thomas Porter [ portert AT uncw DOT edu ]
Small Business & Technology Development Center -- 910.962.3744
803A South College Road (not on UNCW campus)
Regional Director Heather McWhorter [ mcwhorterh AT uncw DOT edu ]
Interim Director Matt Mylott [ mylottm AT uncw DOT edu ]
Senior Economist Dr. Adam Jones[ jonesat AT uncw DOT edu ]
Undergraduate Degree Programs -- 910.962.3899 (Cameron Hall 121)
Director of Student Services Kristine Hopkins [ hopkinsk AT uncw DOT edu ]
Associate Director & Advisor Amy Knebel [ knebela AT uncw DOT edu ]
Director Undergraduate Extension Programs & Advisor Crystal Hollenbaugh [ hollenbaughc AT uncw DOT edu ]
Web Development
CSB Web Developer & Digital Marketing Coordinator Alisha Browne [ browneac AT uncw DOT edu ]